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New collaborative publication in ACP on SOA formation from furan

组内消息 2018-06-25

We’re excited to announce the publication of a new article in ACPD. This article provides new information on the roles of NOx level and RH on the formation of SOA from the photooxidation of furan in the presence of NaCl seed particles. Strong evidences indicate that both the RH and different NOx levels have a significant effect on SOA formation.

SOA vs RH.png
Dependences of maximum O3 concentration, SOA mass concentration, SOA yield and liquid water content(LWC) on relative humidity (RH).

Jiang, X., Tsona, N. T., Jia, L., Liu, S., Zhang, H., Xu, Y., and Du, L. 2019: Secondary organic aerosol formation from photooxidation of furan: effects of NOx and humidity, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 13591–13609,

New publication: Different roles of water in SOA formation

组内消息 2018-06-08

We are pleased to announce that our manuscript about Different roles of water in SOA formation from toluene and isoprene has been published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

Mechanisms for SOA formation from the O3 and OH oxidation channels of isoprene.

Citation: Jia, L. and Xu, Y. F.: Different roles of water in secondary organic aerosol formation from toluene and isoprene, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, 8137-8154,, 2018.

New smog chamber and new instrument

组内消息 2018-02-03

Our new smog chamber. There are two collapsible 5 m^3 reactors inside the chamber.
smog chamber IAPC
We have acquired a Thermo Q-Exactive mass spectrometry. This instrument has a high-field Orbitrap that combines a resolution of up to 140,000 with high scan speed. The new chamber and Q-Exactive will be used for our secondary organic aerosol research projects.
Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer
Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer paired with the Ultimate 3000 LC System