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New publication in ACP: Effects of humidity on SOA formation from OH-initiated oxidation of m-xylene

组内消息 2019-02-19

Short Summary: The significantly negative effects of relative humidity (RH) on secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation from m-xylene under low NOx conditions were observed. The significant RH effects on chemical compositions of SOA are identified, in which highly oxygenated molecules (HOMs) are dominant. Our results show that the decrease of SOA formation under high RH conditions is mainly attributed to the suppression of the formation of oligomers and HOMs.

Zhang, Q., Xu, Y., and Jia, L.: Secondary organic aerosol formation from OH-initiated oxidation of m-xylene: effects of relative humidity on yield and chemical composition, Atmos. Chem. Phys.,, 2019.

New collaborative publication in ACP on SOA formation from furan

组内消息 2018-06-25

We’re excited to announce the publication of a new article in ACPD. This article provides new information on the roles of NOx level and RH on the formation of SOA from the photooxidation of furan in the presence of NaCl seed particles. Strong evidences indicate that both the RH and different NOx levels have a significant effect on SOA formation.

SOA vs RH.png
Dependences of maximum O3 concentration, SOA mass concentration, SOA yield and liquid water content(LWC) on relative humidity (RH).

Jiang, X., Tsona, N. T., Jia, L., Liu, S., Zhang, H., Xu, Y., and Du, L. 2019: Secondary organic aerosol formation from photooxidation of furan: effects of NOx and humidity, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 13591–13609,